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Welcome to Spring Haven Farm - Where Pumpkin Carving Meets Goat Fun! 

Are you ready to experience an unforgettable autumn adventure like no other? Look no further than Spring Haven Farm's one-of-a-kind Pumpkin Carving with Goats extravaganza! We've combined the magic of the harvest season with the charm of our adorable and friendly goats to create a truly unique and delightful experience for all ages. The farm will be completely transformed into a magical Halloween wonderland of cornstalks and pumpkins!  Take a ride on the tractor train, roast s'mores over the fire and search for gems at the mining sluice! There is so much to do at Spring Haven Farm!


The cost of entry to the farm is $13.50 plus $10 for a pumpkin if you would like to carve a pumpkin with goats. The event starts September 20th and runs through October 31st. If you are planning on attending on a Saturday or Sunday, get your tickets in advance! Priority will be given to ticket holders for our limited parking area. If you look online and we are sold out of tickets for the hour you plan on arriving, you will most likely be turned away. Buying a ticket in advance is the only sure way to attend the event.

What to Expect: 

Playful Goat Companions: Our furry and curious goat companions will be by your side as you embark on your pumpkin carving adventure. Interact, pet, and laugh with these gentle creatures as they brighten up your day with their adorable antics.

Top-Quality Pumpkins: At Spring Haven Farm, we take pride in offering the finest pumpkins for carving. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect canvas for your creative vision. Whether you're an experienced artist or a first-time carver, our Pumpkin Carving with Goats event offers a space to express your creativity. All of the tools and clean-up are provided.


Family-Friendly Fun: Pumpkin carving with goats is an experience that the whole family can enjoy! Create memories together as you bond over your pumpkin carving adventures and make new, furry friends along the way.

Fun on the Farm: Our picturesque farm provides the ideal backdrop for a day filled with fun, laughter, and creativity. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning natural surroundings as you unleash your artistic talents.

Fun Photo Opportunities: Get your cameras ready! Our goats love to pose for pictures, and you'll have the chance to capture adorable moments with these lovable creatures, making your day even more memorable.

Our Pumpkin Carving with Goats event is a popular seasonal attraction, and spots fill up quickly. Don't miss the chance to join us for a day of fun, creativity, and goat-filled memories. Be a part of this enchanting autumn adventure at Spring Haven Farm! We can't wait to share this special experience with you and your loved ones. See you at the farm!

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