FAQ | Spring Haven Farm


Movies With Goats

Where are the goats during the movie?

The goats are in the outdoor theater with you during the entire movie.

Why don't you tell us what the movie is?

In order to comply with the licensing we have, we are unable to say what the movie is. This is a goat event and the movie is not the primary focus.

Should we bring chairs or a blanket?

Chairs are better. This is a goat pasture, goats poop: enough said.

Can we bring outside food and beverages?

Yes you can! We ask that you not bring outside food for the animals; however, for humans it is just fine. We have treats for the animals for sale at the concession stand.

Can we buy tickets at the door?

You can not buy tickets at the door during the social distancing requirements put in place by the State of NC.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Message us on FB or text the question to Andrew at 919-407-1806.


What is a Goat-A-Gram?

Goat-A-Grams are perfect for birthdays, valentines, retirement, dates, or just a spontaneous fun gift! What is better than a bouquet of flowers and a cute little goat? Goat-A-Grams are best delivered outside in a suitable location within 45 minutes of Chapel Hill for all sorts of special occasions.

Can Goat-A-Grams be delivered to inside locations?

We tried this and we don't bring goats inside any more for obvious reasons.

I live farther away than 25 minutes from Chapel Hill but I still wan't a Goat-A-Gram!

For these situations we offer VIP service on our farm for the same price as a Goat-A-Gram. We set up a time for you and up to four guests to take a private tour, meet and interact with all the animals and take a hay ride.

General Questions

When are you open?

New Hours:
Now Open Wed - Sun 10:00am until 4:00pm with scheduled visits to limit capacity.
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