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A Day on the Farm

A Celebration of all things Goat! Our farm is family friendly, with fun for everyone. Watch as baby goats prance, hop and gallop around the farm… watch out, they may even steal your heart! Goats are full of love and curiosity - they’re waiting for you to show up so they can get snuggled and loved on!


We have tons of animals at the farm that you can also come and meet! Peppa Pig is always ready to wiggle across her pen to get a carrot and say hello! Annie the Donkey, and Wilbur & Orville our Highland cows would also never turn down a head scratch and a snack! While you're enjoying the animals, there will be treats to eat and drink and music to listen to. Kids can take a ride on the Tractor Train Express. Our Craft’s station will be run by a local artist who’s eager to help all aspiring artists with our rotation of magical farm crafts and fun creations. She’ll have bird houses for sale that you’ll be able to build and design as well as pots to paint to get ready for your Springtime plants. 


You have the choice to schedule your arrival time between 10:00am and 4:00pm Wednesday - Sunday. Each hour has a limited number of tickets available. Once on the farm you can stay as long as you like. The farm is open until 6:00pm. The Farm is all set up to allow for social distancing and there are plenty of hand sanitizer stations and hand washing areas.

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